Highland Paddlers

The weather for the weekend of May 11-12 was full of sunshine … very appropriate since our “Highland Paddler” field training exercise (FTX) was held on British Columbia’s famous Sunshine Coast region! The exercise began on Friday night, not with the usual bus ride to camp, but with a scenic ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Hopkins Landing. From there it was a short road trip to basecamp with cadets from Seaforth’s 2963 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.


Once settled into the Sechelt campsite, cadets from both unites were occupied over the weekend with a variety of activities including field navigation exercises, outdoor survival skills, summer biathlon training (biathlon without skis), and even some instruction in canoeing at nearby Trout Lake.


The Army Cadet training program introduces cadets to physical and mental challenges while also building skills for the outdoors – all of this and more was delivered over the course of the weekend. Many thanks to our Seaforth friends at 2963 RCACC for their hospitality and for joining us in a weekend of outdoor action and adventure!


[All photos courtesy 2963 RCACC Seaforth Army Cadets]

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