Corps Staff

The 72nd Seaforth RCACC is administered by a staff of Canadian Instructor Cadre (CIC) officers, supported by a Parent Support Committee (PSC), and by Civilian Instructors (CI), and Civilian Volunteers (CV).

The CIC officers are members of the Canadian Forces Reserve working as part of the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS), whose primary duty is the supervision, administration and training of youth enrolled in the cadet program. All CIC officers receive training specific to youth development and to their element (in this case, army). Our CIC and COATS staff are:

Commanding Officer: Capt. Mike Millard, CD

Training Officer: Capt. Karen Leong, CD

Administration Officer: Lt. Marcin Urbanowski, SBStJ

Supply Officer: Lt. Graeme Menzies

Dirty Half Dozen

[Left to Right: Menzies, Leong, Millard, Urbanowski, Gavaghan. Credit: M. Patience]

In addition, the 72nd Seaforth RCACC is supported by a Parent Support Committee, Civilian Instructors, and Civilian Volunteers. The Parent Committee plays an important role in the life of the Corps, raising funds that help supplement the program and introducing new youth to the program. The Parent Support Committee is a not-for-profit charity established to run the business of supporting the Corps and is not part of the Canadian Forces. All parents/guardians of Cadets enrolled in the Corps are members of the Parents Support Committee. Our civilian staff are:

Parent Support Committee Chair: Mr. Bruce Leong

Parent Support Committee Treasurer: Rev. Matthew Johnson

Parent Support Committee Secretary: Teresa Kung

Civilian Instructor: Mr. Frank Gavaghan

Civilian Volunteer: Ms. Isabella Urbanowski