Ceremonial Review concludes the year

Just as the school year comes to an end, so too does the cadet year. There is no final exam, but there is a final parade – the Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR). The 72nd’s review was held Saturday June 8 at the historic Seaforth Armoury. Over sixty guests attended the afternoon event which featured HCol Hoffmeister as the Reviewing Officer.

72nd Seaforth RCACC_ACR 2019

In addition to performing a series of drill exercises for the event, a number of awards and presentations were made. A top cadet in each of the star level categories was recognized, as were awards for excellence in rank levels, overall performance, attendance, marksmanship, and citizenship-related criteria. Members of the 72nd had an excellent year, with many personal and team accomplishments, and these were all noted and celebrated, with many a proud parent on hand for the show.

  • Top Green Star – Cpl Alexander Touchette
  • Top Red Star – Cpl Alita Van Dun
  • Top Silver Star – MCpl Amrita Bangar
  • Top Gold Star – MCpl Vansdon Ching and MCpl Timothy Tam
  • Top Attendance – MCpl Joshua Leong
  • Best First Year – Cpl Robyn Braude
  • Best Junior NCO – MCpl Joshua Leong
  • Best Senior NCO –  Sgt James Leong
  • Top Shot – MCpl Claire Haussmann
  • Legion Medal – WO Timothy Dimalanta
  • Strathcona Medal – Sgt James Leong


Toward the end of the award program, a very special series of presentations were made for retired Chief Warrant Office Bain, CD. In recognition of his 45 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forced (including time supporting the cadet cadre), Chief Bain received letters from the Prime Minister, the Premier, and his hometown Mayor, among other prestigious citations and presentations.

Chief Bain is also one of the top bagpipe players in the country and our cadets were honoured to the accompanied by him and other pipers and drummers associated with the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada (including Seaforth cadets from 2277 and 2893) who performed as the cadets marched on and off the parade square and who also entertained our guests.

The ACR also provides an opportunity for cadets to set up several displays that demonstrate various aspects and activities of the cadet program such as marksmanship / biathlon, camping and outdoor adventure, fitness and sports, and the Scotland exchange.


The corps is grateful to special guests and presenters Valerie Meritt (Billy Bishop / Kerrisdale Legion), Gordon Coburn (Mount Pleasant Legion), Warrant Officer Rogers, and for the attendance of special guests from the Seaforth Regimental association Josh Muir, CD and Mr. Michael Patience.

If you are interested in joining us for the 2019/2020 season, please explore the rest of this website and especially the How To Join section. Then plan on visiting us at the Seaforth Armoury on any Tuesday night in September.

* See more Award photos on our Facebook page.

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