Happy New Year!

The army cadet program has much to do with developing friendships, having fun, and seeking adventure … so we send the wish that the New Year bring all three of those things to you too!


For our part, we are looking forward to several highlights in the months to come: the Biathlon team will compete in Whistler later this month; Sgt Urbanowski will go to Europe in March as part of the “Vimy Battlefield Tour” organized by the Army Cadet League; the marksmanship team will prepare for their competition; there will be at least one more Field Training Expedition (“FTX”); and there may be an opportunity for us to observe members of the Seaforth Regiment performing some of their training activities. So there’s lots of fun and adventure to be had for all, and we hope to provide reports on those activities here soon – stay tuned!

Here’s a video clip of the Biathlon team’s training activities.



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