2018 Scotland Exchange

Arguably one of the most unique things about being a Seaforth army cadet is the opportunity to participate in the exchange program with army cadets in Scotland. This year it was our turn to visit Scotland and we are grateful to the Army Cadets Scotland’s Glasgow and Lanarkshire Battalion for their hospitality. Thanks are also due to CIC Officers Capt Henderson and CWO Bain, and Civilian Instructor Cullinson, for their dedication to leading, coordinating, and supporting the team.

Taking place over the last two weeks in March, 72nd Seaforth cadets Dimalanta, Leong, Tam, and Thomson joined 12 cadets from the other Seaforth cadet corps on a voyage which included a visit to the Scottish Parliament, the Royal Yacht Brittania, the National Museum of Scotland, the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, a Secret Bunker in Fife, Castle Urquhart, Culloden Battlefield and much more.


[PHOTO: CWO Bain, and cadets Thomson, Dimalanta, Leong, and Tam (front) show the flag atop the Wallace Monument in Sterling]

The exchange between the Seaforth cadets and the Glasgow and Lanarkshire Battalion has been running for more than twenty years and provides a unique opportunity for cadets to travel overseas, experience new things, and make new friends. Congratulations to our cadets for earning this privilege and for representing us so well!


[PHOTO: Inspection with cadets from the Glasgow and Lanarkshire Battalion]


[PHOTO: Robert The Bruce statue at the Bannockburn battle site]


[PHOTO: 72nd Seaforth cadets Tam, Thomson, Leong, and Dimalanta with CWO Bain]

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