FTX Wandering Stag

The howl of the coyotes could be heard, but thankfully none were seen during our weekend field training exercise (“FTX”) at the Coyote Campground, adjacent to the spectacular Campbell Valley Regional Park. The “wandering” part of the exercise included development of navigation skills using map and compass, communicating remotely with use of radios, hiking and trekking, and also included camp-making and survival skills such as fire-making and safe use of axe and saw. Some snow was on the ground – left over from the previous weekend’s spectacular dump – but the sky was clear enough to also allow some late-night star-gazing / navigating. For some cadets this was first-time camp experience, for others it was an opportunity to put known skills to use and to further develop leadership skills by teaching others. Congrats to all who participated!IMG_5266IMG_5262IMG_5228IMG_5257.JPG

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