Colonel Fairweather 1920-2017

We were very sorry to learn of the recent passing of Colonel David Fairweather, on September 15, at the age of 97. A faithful and firm supporter of the Seaforth cadets, he was a friend and inspiration to many. His contributions to Canada and the example he set throughout his life have influenced countless numbers of youth and adults in our community and across the country.


Col Fairweather is well known for his service in WW2 including at the historic Battle of Ortona, which was strategically critical to Allied success. Following the war, he went on to command the Seaforth Regiment twice and remained deeply connected to the Regiment throughout his life.  In a message to the Regiment, Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Paul Ursich, wrote that Colonel Fairweather “served as an example of humble dedication for all of us. His legacy will be felt within the Regiment for generations to come.”

Our condolences are with Colonel Fairweather’s family, in addition to our gratitude for his faithful service.

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