Always Have a “Plan B”

It’s always good to have a Plan B for when obstacles get in the way of one’s goals, and this past weekend was solid proof of that! We had planned a Field Training Exercise (FTX) to Chilliwack but, as snow began to fall on the Friday of our planned departure date, and kept on falling throughout the day, it soon became apparent we had to improvise and adapt to changing circumstances.

So, for those able to navigate the Vancouver roads the next day, a full day of training was held at the Jericho Garrison instead. The snow provided practical experience for cold weather discussions as well as adding terrain navigation challenges for map & compass work. Morning activities concluded with an appreciation of fine dining (read MRE) in the field.

In the afternoon, Cadets learned about the organization, history, and community contributions of the Seaforth Regiment in special presentation by Commanding Officer, Lt. Col Paul Ursich. Afterwards, Cadets received a demonstration and skills by members of the Regiment. All in all, a good day of training that was enjoyed by all who attended.

Special thanks to members of the regiment that took time and effort to connect with the Cadets!

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