Observing the Regiment

Torrential rains and howling winds and frigid temperatures did nothing to dampen the spirits and enthusiasm of adventurous Seaforth Highlander Cadets this last weekend (31 Jan – 02 Feb 2020) as they joined their affiliated Primary Reserve Unit, the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada on their weekend training at Rocky Point, Vancouver Island. In keeping with the aims of the Canadian Cadet Program, “… to stimulate the interest of youth in the sea, land, and air activities of the Canadian Forces”, the cadets were invited to observe infantry training in the field.


[IMAGE: A uniquely close-up view of Seaforth Highlanders of Canada training activity. Photo: Lt. Urbanowski]

Several times each year the Seaforth Highlanders, like other units in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) conduct field exercises to put into practice the theory and lessons acquired in the classroom, specifically platoon assault and tactics. On this occasion, the Seaforth Highlanders invited cadets, under direct supervision if Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) officer Lt. Urbanowski, to follow the soldiers as part of the “reserve” section and were treated to a unique opportunity to observe the skills required of Canada’s professional infantry soldiers.


[IMAGE: A member of the Regiment explains field exercise activities to Seaforth army cadets. Photo: Lt. Urbanowski]

While not directly involved in the exercise itself, the cadets were close enough to experience the sounds, sights and smells of mock platoon assaults, complete with medics from 11 Field Ambulance (Victoria) treating mock casualties.


[IMAGE: Seaforth army cadets and Lt. Urbanowski. Photo: Lt. Urbanowski]

Prior to leaving the field, a demonstration of the infantry soldier’s main tool, the C7 rifle was provided, including a hands-on session in disassembling, care and cleaning. In the end, all cadets achieved a great education, a full appreciation of what it takes to be in the infantry, and left with a permanent smile on their tired faces.

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