Exercise Snowy Stag

Everyone who attended Exercise Snowy Stag now understands why it was called an “exercise” – walking among Mount Seymour Resort’s 10 km (6 mi) network of maintained trails is a good, healthy, workout! Eighteen cadets participated in the day which included an introduction to outdoor winter survival training, lunch, and a hike around spectacular Goldie Lake.

snow bridge

Snowshoeing is a great way to get active in the outdoors (a part of the cadet program mandate). It’s fairly easy to do, and not a lot of equipment is required. A good pair of winter boots, toque and gloves, and dressing in layers, will see one through. With a little experience and familiarity with the environment, next steps could include winter camping expeditions or maybe involvement in winter sports like biathlon.

snow heroic

The origins of snowshoeing extend back through the mists of time but are generally believed to have been developed in Central Asia over 4,000 years ago to facilitate travel and hunting for food in the winter. While modern snowshoes are relatively small and lightweight, early snowshoe designs were modeled after the tracks of animals that could easily maneuver in the snow, like the snowshoe hare.

snowshoe hare

Like all our planned activities, all costs are covered by the Cadet program.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining us, please see the “How to Join” information on this website.

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