Reminders for Next Tuesday, 15 Sept.

Cadets et al,

A few reminders for next week:

  1. Dress: Summer Dress (no tunics); seniors in Kilt. Make sure you iron your uniform and polish your boots. You will be inspected. If you are new to our corps and do not have a uniform, wear black pants and a white dress shirt. 
  2. Return all the Personal Verification Forms and (if applicable) your Health Questionnaires signed by your parents.
  3. Seniors – please make phone calls to your sections from the last training year until you have received a new section list from the Administration Officer or Platoon Commander

Senior Cadets (Sgt’s and above) – please be prompt for our leadership day on 12 Sept. Start time is 0830 hrs and will be finished by 1500 hrs. Dress is combats.

Interested in joining Cadets? Come down on any Tuesday evening from 6:30 – 8:30 pm to the Bessborough Armouries (2025 West 11th Ave, Vancouver) and ask to speak to the Seaforth Administration Officer.



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